Pretrial Order Index


PTO 9103 (07/01/2013) and CAP 17 (07/01/2013) Approving CAP Regarding Processing of Medicare Claims


PTO 9027 (03/19/13) Appointment of Franz Fogt, M.D., Ph.D., F.C.A.P as a Technical Advisor to the Court


PTO 8559 (11/5/10) and CAP No.16 (11/8/10)

Approving CAP Regarding Payment and Claim Filing Deadlines


PTO 8506 (7/2/10)



PTO 8305 (10/1/09)

Amending the Mediation Procedures to include

Section M, regarding Uncontested Resolutions

PTO 7764 (04/08/2008)
Approving Joint Motion for Judicial Authorization to Make a "Final" Distribution of the Supplemental Class Settlement Fund

PTO 7763 A (04/08/2008)
Final Award of Counsel Fees and Expense Reimbursements

CAP 15 (02/08/08)
Procedure for the Resolution of Certain Matrix Claims in Show Cause

CAP 14 (02/26/07)
Procedure for the Audit of Category Two Claims with Conflicting Diagnoses

PTO 6707 (11/22/06) and CAP No. 13 (11/14/2006)
Procedure for the Disposition of Pre-Stay Payable PADs and PADLs

CAP No. 12 (03/31/2006)
Approval for Re-Audit of Certain Matrix Compensation Benefits

CAP No. 11 (03/31/2006)
Approval for Audit of Matrix Claims

PTO 6100 (03/31/2006)
Approval for Audit of Matrix Claims and Re-Audit of Certain Matrix Claims


PTO 6085 and CAP No. 10 (03/29/2006)
Processing of Claims for Certain Medicare Eligible Claimants

Medicare Exemption Form

PTO 5929 (01/03/06)
Revised Procedures for the Eighth AMendment Mediation Program ("Medation Procedures")

PTO 5983 and CAP No. 9 (02/10/2006)
Approving Court Approval Procedure for the Audit of Fund A Claims

PTO 5632 (08/26/05)
Permission to conduct new audits of certain Matrix Claims

PTO 5517 (07/27/05)
Interpretation of the Settlement Agreement regarding Matrix Claims denied because the echocardiograms of attestation contain inserted frames

PTO 5516 (07/26/05)
Grant of Extension for Screening Echocardiogram Benefit for Certain Claimants

CAP 8 (07/01/05)
Reporting Requirements of the AHP Settlement Trust

PTO 5398 (07/01/05) 
Approval of the Ninth Amendment

PTO 5093 (04/28/05)
Approval of Mediation Procedures
 for Eighth Amendment Mediation Program

Eighth Amendment Mediation Program Rules

See PTO 5929, which supersedes Order No. 5093, approving the previous version of the Mediation Procedures.

PTO 4467 (02/08/05)
Stay of Certain Trust Activity Pending Consideration of the Seventh Amendment and the Parties' Proposal for Further Changes in Trust Operations

PTO 4245 (12/16/04)
Instruction Regarding Auditing Cardiologists

PTO 3893 (09/02/04)
Amendment to PTO 3883
PTO 3883 (08/26/04)
Modification of Stay Relating to Matrix Level I and II Claims

PTO 3882 (08/26/04)
Resumption of the Parallel Processing Program

PTO 3880 (08/26/04)
Preliminarily Approving The Seventh Amendment; and Scheduling A Hearing Regarding The Amendment

PTO 3382 (03/26/04)
Grant of Extension for Screening Echocardiogram Benefit for Certain Claimants

CAP 7 (12/19/03)
Pro Se Claims Completeness Assistance Program

CAP 6 (12/19/03)
Reimbursement for Additional Medical Expenses

PTO 3185 (12/19/03)
Renewing Extension of Certain Processing Deadlines and Denying Motion to Enjoin Prioritization of Certain Claims

PTO 3048 (10/01/03)
Denial of motions to suspend the Trust's Claims Integrity Program, the Medical Practices Questionnaire and the operation of the Claims Integrity

PTO 3003 (09/09/03)
Deadline for filing responses to the motion to suspend the Trust's Claims Integrity Program and Medical Practices Questionnaire and date for a hearing on the merits of the motion.

PTO 2881 (06/03/03)
Renewed Suspension of Certain Deadlines for Processing Claims for Benefits

PTO 2807 (03/26/03)
Rules for the Audit of Matrix Compensation Claims, effective December 1, 2002

Physician Verification and DDR Acknowledgement Form

CAP 5 (03/26/03)
Credentials of Auditing Cardiologists

PTO 2806 (03/26/03)
Establishing Credentials Required for an Auditing Cardiologist

PTO 2805 (03/26/03) CAP 4
Procedures Concerning Medical Records Relating to Matrix Claims

PTO 2778 (03/12/03)
Approving the Sixth Amendment to the Settlement Agreement

PTO 2683 (12/12/02)
Amended Protective Order Concerning Confidential Information of the AHP Settlement Trust, etc.

PTO 2663  (12/03/02)
Emergency  Suspension of Certain Fund Processing Deadlines in the Settlement Agreement

PTO 2662  (11/26/02)
Requiring the Trust to Audit Every Claim for Matrix-Level Benefits

PTO 2640 (11/14/02)
Memorandum and Order that the AHP Settlement Trust shall not pay the Claims of the Class Members James Axford, et al, submitted by the law firms of Hariton & D'Angelo, LLP and/or Napoli, Kaiser, Bern & Associates, LLP without prejudice to the right of said Claimants to submit new Echocardiograms and GREEN Forms signed by a certifying cardiologist other than Linda J. Crouse, M.D., or Richard L. Mueller, M.D.

PTO 2580 (08/19/02)
Rules for Review of Attorneys' Fee Petitions and Other Compromises by Representative Claimants, Minor Claimants and Other Claimants
PTO 2457  (05/31/02)
Approving the Rules Governing the Audit Process

PTO 2383  (02/26/02)
Procedures for Resolving Motions to Enforce Paragraph 7 of PTO 1415 Against Class Members Who Assert Claims Allegedly Based on PPH

CAP 3 (11/15/01)
Authorizing Steps to be Taken by the AHP Settlement Trust and Class Counsel Regarding Assistance of Pro Se Claimants

PTO 2153  (09/12/01)
Approving the Rules Governing the Arbitration Process

CAP 2 (04/04/01)
Governing Claims of or on Behalf of Minors, Incapacitated Persons, and Deceased Persons

CAP 1 (02/09/01)
Establishing Procedures to Resolve Non-Federal Subrogation Claims

PTO 1415  (08/28/00)
Memorandum and Pretrial Order Approving Class Action Settlement

Memorandum (PDF Format) -- Memorandum (HTML format)
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PTO 1238  (04/11/00)
Fixing March 30, 2000, as the Deadline for Filing Initial Opt-Outs

PTO 997  (11/23/99)
Conditionally Certifying Settlement Class, Preliminarily Approving the Settlement Agreement, Approving the Forms of Notice, and Scheduling the Fairness Hearing

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