Ninth Amendment

On July 1, 2005, Judge Harvey Bartle III of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted Final Judicial Approval of the proposed Ninth Amendment to the National Diet Drug Settlement. See PTO5398 below.

On June 6, 2005, the Joint Motion to Approve and Implement the Ninth Amendment to the Nationwide Class Action Settlement and for the Entry of Related Court-Approved Procedures was filed with the Court.

The Ninth Amendment and all Exhibits are available for viewing from this web site via the (click here) links below:

(Click here) for PTO 5398 Approving the Ninth Amendment.

(Click here) for the Joint Motion to Approve and Implement the Ninth Amendment. (without Exhibits).

(Click here) for Exhibit A, the Proposed PTO Approving the Ninth Amendment.

(Click here) for the Memorandum in Support of Joint Motion to Approve and Implement the Ninth Amendment.

(Click here) for Exhibit 1 - Ninth Amendment to Settlement Agreement.

(Click here) for Exhibit 2 - Amended and Restated AHP Settlement Trust Agreement.

(Click here) for Exhibit 3 - Transition Agreement.

(Click here) for Exhibit 4 - Court Approved Procedure authorizing revised reporting requirements for the Ninth Amendment Trustee.

(Click here) for Exhibit 5 - Rules for the Audit of Fund A Claims.

(Click here) for Exhibit 6 - Agreed Funding Procedure.

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