1.           Trust Agreement

2.                Fund A Legal Fee Escrow Account Agreement

3.                Security Fund and Escrow Agreement

4.                Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Medical Research and Education Fund

5.                Summary Notice to Pharmacists

6.                ORANGE FORM  (Initial Opt-Out Notice Form)

7.                ORANGE FORM #2 (Intermediate Opt-Out Notice Form)

8.                ORANGE FORM #3 (Back-End Opt-Out Notice Form)

9.                PINK FORM (for Election of the Accelerated Implementation Option)

10.             Interim Escrow Agreement

11.             Proposed Preliminary Approval Order

12.             A Class Member's Guide to Settlement Benefits

13.             Official Court Notice

14.             Matrix Compensation Benefits Guide for Physicians, Attorneys and Class Members

15.             Publication Notice

16.             Plan of Media Notice

17.             Script of Television Notice

18.             Summary Notice to Physicians

19.             WHITE FORM (for reimbursement of Echocardiogram expenses incurred independent of the Screening Program)

20.             GRAY FORM (for qualifications of Board-Certified Cardiologist and Echocardiogram results)

21.             BLUE FORM (for registration of Settlement Benefits)

22.             GREEN FORM (for Matrix Compensation Benefits)

23.             BROWN FORM (for compassionate and humanitarian and true financial hardship Echocardiograms)

24.             Notice of Appeal of Determination of Trustees and/or Claims Administrator(s)

25.             RED FORM #1 (Credits for Initial and Back-End Opt-Out)

26.             RED FORM #2 (Credits for Intermediate Opt-Out)

27.             Class Representative’s release and covenant not to sue

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Case/Med Benefit Reimbursement for Certain Privately-Obtained Echocardiograms Preservation of Matrix Claim benefits Intermediate Opt-Out (with exceptions per Fifth Amendment Back-End Opt-Out (with exceptions per Fifth Amendment) End of Exceptions for Screening Program Provided by Fifth Amendment Endocardial Fibrosis