Settlement Documents

Tenth Amendment Documents and Information

Ninth Amendment Documents and Information

Eighth Amendment Documents and Information (See April 28, 2005 News)

Seventh Amendment Documents and Information

Settlement Agreement (as amended by First through Sixth Amendments)

Table of Exhibits to Settlement Agreement

Fifth Amendment to the Settlement Agreement, as approved

Sixth Amendment to the Settlement Agreement, as approved 

Official Court-Approved Notice of May 3, 2003 Deadline

Summary of Available Settlement Benefits and Registration Requirements

Official Notice of Final Judicial Approval

PTO 1415 - Memorandum and Pretrial Order Approving Class Action Settlement

Memorandum (PDF Format) -- Memorandum (HTML format)
Please note: the size of this file is fairly large (approx 4.5MB). Please allow appropriate time for downloading.
Pretrial Order Index
Subrogees with Whom AHP Has Entered into a Separate Agreement

Guidelines for Optimal Physician Training in Echocardiography (Level 2)

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Case/Med Benefit Reimbursement for Certain Privately-Obtained Echocardiograms Preservation of Matrix Claim benefits Intermediate Opt-Out (with exceptions per Fifth Amendment Back-End Opt-Out (with exceptions per Fifth Amendment) End of Exceptions for Screening Program Provided by Fifth Amendment Endocardial Fibrosis